Chocolate cupcake with a chocolate buttercream.
White cupcake with a vanilla buttercream.
Cherry Almond Vanilla
A delectable cherry cupcake with a cherry-almond butter frosting.
Lemon Drop
A lemon cupcake with lemon frosting. A candied lemon slice adorns the top.
Smores Cupcake
Chocolate cupcake, with a chocolate ganache centre. Frosted with a marshmallow buttercream.
Lemon-Lime Cupcakes
A citrus sensation that will surprise and delight you, and thrill your tongue!
Strawberry Shortcake
An angel food cake cupcake with a strawberry centre completed with a whip cream topping,
Peppermint cupcake with a buttercream frosting sprinkled with peppermint candy.
Chocolate Covered Almond
An almond cupcake with a chocolate buttercream frosting.
A raspberry, lemon cupcake with a raspberry frosting.
Orange Cream
A delightful Orange cupcake with orange cream cheese frosting. Tastes like a creamsicle.